Getting Away and Sunsets

Sometimes it does the body and the brain a lot of good to just get away. Get away from your laptop, phone, the latest app craze, media distractions, who broke up with who, who started dating who, stat numbers, followers, unfollowers, people in the news doing stupid people things, crying babies in Walmart, crying adults in Walmart, traffic noise, construction noise, drunken idiots on the street noise, etc., etc., etc.

Over the weekend I got away… And it was great šŸ™‚

And now here are some pictures I took of sunsets doing what sunsets do best: which is to look absolutely stunning.



Sunset Collage

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. –Confucius



11 thoughts on “Getting Away and Sunsets

  1. ofopinions says:

    Wow, these are so beautiful!!! You took them? They look watercoloured, or should I say, using modern terminology, photoshopped! Where is the Tamara Prokopchuk Photography Blog? This is talent. What camera did you use?

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    • tamaraprokopchuk says:

      The lovely thing about sunsets is that they never need to be photoshopped! šŸ˜€
      I took the pictures on my phone. So I guess I got away from everything but my phone! Ha ha! But I wanted to take pictures and videos of my kids. I took some nice ones of their silhouettes against the setting sun. I am by no means a photographer, but I do enjoy going click-click happy with a camera! ā¤

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      • ofopinions says:

        Don’t underestimate yourself. I’m not a photographer, but I’ve seen enough cr** pictures on social media to know what makes a genuinely good, tasteful, arty but modest picture (i.e., yours’). I’m guessing your camera is an iphone? Seen plenty of bad images taken with that! I’m not saying this to flatter you because you’re my friend, Tamara. I really think they are good, but I’m guessing Canadian skies had something to do with that too!

        I don’t get to go away and spend time with nature, but I used to watch sunsets for hours everyday when I was growing up. My mind used to race with ideas, with possibilities. Quite unlike the moany person you’re used to reading! I can’t describe how much I miss it, and if it were financially and socially viable, I’d be there everyday.

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      • tamaraprokopchuk says:

        My phone is a Samsung (takes better photos than an iphone in my opinion), and yes Canadian skies can be awesome! Ha ha!
        And you are not moany at all.
        I was a bit moany, though, by the end of the weekend, but only because the bugs out by the lake made a feast out of my skin! And I had a leech at one point that decided to clamp onto my ankle! So there I was, this silly city girl, freaking out in the water over a leech. I was quite the sight!

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