I am horrible at introductions…but I’ll give this a shot anyways.

My name is Tamara Prokopchuk. (Or as phone solicitors often say: “May I please speak to a Miss Tamara…Procoopachuck?”)

I live in Canada. (GO, CANADA, GO!)

I am fairly old-ish, but look fairly (more like really) young-ish. (I know, I know. When I am 50 I will appreciate my young looks. I know.)

I have two children (a son who wants to know everything and a daughter who thinks she already knows everything 😉 ) and one Lionhead/Holland Lop rabbit (who has an obsession with people’s feet for some reason).

I love watching cooking shows like MasterChef. (But hate to actually cook anything in my own kitchen.)

Listening to music is therapy to me. (And a lot cheaper than actual therapy.)

I love writing stories. (And hopefully one day those stories will become something worth publishing!)

Thank you so much for stopping by!