Getting Away and Sunsets

Sometimes it does the body and the brain a lot of good to just get away. Get away from your laptop, phone, the latest app craze, media distractions, who broke up with who, who started dating who, stat numbers, followers, unfollowers, people in the news doing stupid people things, crying babies in Walmart, crying adults in Walmart, traffic noise, construction noise, drunken idiots on the street noise, etc., etc., etc.

Over the weekend I got away… And it was great 🙂

And now here are some pictures I took of sunsets doing what sunsets do best: which is to look absolutely stunning.



Sunset Collage

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. –Confucius


Happy Birthday, Canada!




Image Credit: Pixabay

Oh Canada, today you turn 149.

And I have to say–you age pretty well.



Fun Canadian Fact: So the story goes that the name “Canada” is sort of based on a misunderstanding. When the Europeans sailed over and talked to the indigenous people they kept hearing the word “kanata” which means “village” or “settlement.” But I guess they heard a “d” somewhere in there instead of a “t” and so the name “Canada” was born.


Sometimes a Fallen Tree is just a Fallen Tree


Image Credit: Pixabay

This is going to be one of those weird, rambly posts that may make no sense, or may make a lot of sense. It’s about a tree, but not really about a tree. So…yeah.

So yesterday the tree in my parents’ front yard snapped at the trunk and fell over. We’ve been experiencing some extremely strong winds these past few days, and I guess the winds just became too much for the tree to handle. It wasn’t a particularly big tree; one of those pink cherry blossom types that look pretty in the spring. And thankfully no damage was done to the house.

But it was a tree that had been there since my parents had bought the house sixteen years ago. And it was a tree that I always, I guess, expected to be there every time I went and visited.

I never thought it would fall over and just be…gone.

As the chainsaw was brought out to cut it up into small enough pieces to be moved, my mom had looked at me with a bit of concern and asked, “Are you all right?”

And I had said, “Well, no. Not really. Your tree just fell down.”

And she had looked–a bit wistfully–at what remained of the tree and said, “I know.”

And as I watched the tree get hacked up, I couldn’t help but think: Why our tree? Why did the wind have to be so strong? Why couldn’t the wind have blown somewhere else?

Because see, last month my dad had passed away. And while he was in the hospital, I remember thinking: Why him? Why is all this shit happening to my dad who doesn’t deserve any of it? Why does he have to die?

And I guess the tree–that had always been there, but then suddenly wasn’t–made me think of my dad. And how he was there, and then suddenly wasn’t.

I know that sometimes a tree falling is just a tree falling. And that it doesn’t mean anything. I know I shouldn’t blame the wind. The wind was just doing what wind does.

Still sucks, though. Because I miss that tree.

And I miss my dad.


Happy Belated Father’s Day Everyone. It was a tough day for me to get through, but I still try to focus on and remember all the good times I had with my dad. ❤ ❤ ❤


Lice Of The Party


I prefer people at my parties. Not head-itching bugs.

No one likes to talk about the dreaded L word. And no I’m not talking about lint found in the dryer. I’m talking about…*cue ominous music*… lice.

Yep. My darling, lovely children came home from school on Friday with a few unwanted hitchhikers clinging to their hair strands (and by “few” I really mean a herd that looked like they were having a swell of a party, disco ball and strobe lights included, on my kids’ scalps). So my Friday night was spent FREAKING OUT. Okay, so not really freaking out. I was actually fairly calm this time around as opposed to the first time my daughter came home last year with a note saying she had nits (eggs that have yet to hatch) in her hair. I had definitely freaked out then, because I couldn’t believe my daughter had bug eggs in her hair. Up until that moment I had zero experience with all things lice. I didn’t even know what they looked like and had to Google up pictures. FYI: they are fugly gross.

And there is this misconception that only dirty, greasy people who never wash their hair are the ones that attract lice. SO NOT TRUE. You–and your kids–can be the cleanest people going. You can smell pretty like a rose and fart out daisies. Lice actually like people with clean hair. And they are fast. Lice may not be able to fly or do back flips, but they can crawl. Like really, really fast. They put Barry Allen to shame with their lice-lightning speed.

But fear not, because I have a quick guide to dealing with the pesky little party-crashers.


Step 1: Don’t panic. You’ll want to panic. You may even want to curl up into a ball and cry. But that is showing the little f*cks fear. And you don’t want to show them fear. You want to show them out the freaking door!

Step 2: Go to your pharmacist and explain your situation and ask them what over-the-counter shampoos used to treat lice they recommend. Don’t feel ashamed or think you are a bad parent. Remember: Anybody can get lice.

Step 3: Purchase a nit comb. You’ll need this handy little device to painstakingly extract the hard-to-see eggs that the females lay. And boy, they waste absolutely no time laying their demon spawn all over your child’s head.


Step 4: When you are out purchasing special and expensive shampoo and nit combs while trying not to have a breakdown, buy yourself some chocolate. Buy a lot of chocolate, actually. You’ll need it. For later. As a reward to yourself for sitting in a bathroom till midnight with your child as you pick out nit after nit.

Step 5: When all the lice and their demon spawn are gone and everything that your child(ren) had rubbed their head up against has been washed and vacuumed, and then washed and vacuumed again, throw yourself a party. A lice-free party. And pray that those ugly little things never crash your party ever again!

Happy Monday Everyone! And may your Monday and all the days to follow be lice-free and lovely. ❤ ❤ ❤

* I would just like to add how much I enjoyed watching The 70th Annual Tony Awards last night. I thought James Corden was the perfect host and that all the performances were a real treat to watch (especially the Hamilton one). Theater people seem so humble and gracious.

A lot of sadness happened over the weekend. It broke my heart to hear about it on the news. There is a lot of ugliness that seems to be happening more and more–a lot of bad people who do horrible things. But there is also a lot of goodness, and people who are trying to create something beautiful in this world. People who care and want nothing more than to make others feel good and safe. Watching The Tony Awards reminded me of such kindness.


Christina Grimmie


I was so shocked and heartbroken when I heard last evening on my local news channel about the death of YouTube and The Voice season 6 star Christina Grimmie. I used to watch her YouTube videos with my daughter. She had a truly amazing voice that would captivate and inspire and she did it all with such a positive and sweet attitude. She was only 22 when she was shot and killed during a meet-and-greet with her fans after a performance in Orlando.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. I couldn’t ever imagine losing a child like that.

Christina, you will be missed.

I love this cover that Christina did of “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. Such a beautiful and haunting voice she had.

Family-Friendly Movie Night…Gone Wrong


Image Credit: Pixabay

I love doing movie nights. Who doesn’t? Right? Well, I had decided to do a movie night at home with my kids on Friday. I went out and bought chips, popcorn, some vegetables to appease the grumpy Vegetable Gods, various fruits, more chips and some dips, crackers and pickles, cheese, juice boxes, gummy bears, jelly beans, paper plates, napkins, etc., etc., etc.

I may have gone a little overboard with the food and it may have been cheaper in the end to order a couple of medium-sized pizzas, but I wanted the night to be fun and special. And I had wanted to pick out a fun and special movie for my kids to watch. And it just so happened that Walmart had Deadpool on sale. And I thought: Oh look! Another Marvel Comics movie. And aw, Deadpool sort of looks like Spider-Man. How cute. I love Spider-Man. My kids love Spider-Man. I wonder if this Deadpool character is at all like Spider-Man? Maybe I should ask someone before buying it…? Nah, I’ll just get it. I mean, it’s a Marvel movie. Can’t go wrong with a Marvel movie. Right?



Don’t let this innocent pose fool you. This guy will f*ck you up.

In my (weak) defense, I apparently live under a rock and knew nothing about Deadpool before watching it for the first time (with my kids). I vaguely recall seeing a (very censored) promotional commercial for it on TV while it was playing in the theater a few months back, and I knew he wore a red suit and that Ryan Reynolds played him–but that was about it.

So there I was on Friday night, popping popcorn and cutting up cantaloupe, as my kids buzzed around all excited about Movie Night and the “special movie” that Mommy had picked out for them to watch.


Thank goodness for my coffee table full of mostly teeth-rotting, sugary junk-crap, because 5 minutes into the movie I was urging my kids to turn around, plug their ears, and pig out on the food while I desperately searched around for the DVD remote to press PAUSE or STOP or…something.

The morale of this story? I guess it would be that not all guys in red suits are…er…family-friendly. And that sometimes, as a parent, we make “oopsy” mistakes. And that this Deadpool guy seriously, seriously needs a time-out and a mouth-washing. And that next time I should really climb out from underneath my rock and do some research on a movie before purchasing it for my kids.

Anyways, till next time…


And A Sprinkle Of Fun


Image Credit: Pixabay

I know this post is coming a bit late. But really–shouldn’t every day be a Mother’s Day? 😉

My Mother’s Day was quiet, but nice. And I thought I’d share a little recipe card that my son had made in school for me.

Recipe for a l ❤ ving Mom…

1tsp of kind
2 tsp of love
1 tbsp of awesomeness
2 tsp of beautiful
1 cup of kisses
A pinch of special
And a sprinkle of fun

Combine all of the ingredients together and mix.
This recipe serves an entire family. Enjoy!


Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!